Merryfields Cattery

"A holiday in the country."

The Cattery

Merryfields Cattery is a small, family-run business in the British countryside. We provide housing for cats big and small in large, luxurious pens ranging from 2.4 to 4.3 square metres floor space. Open every day of the week all year round, we welcome your furry family member into a warm home where they'll be treated like kings or queens while you're away.



Each pen is spacious and includes a private place for your cat to walk around and stretch its legs, an en suite litter tray, a balcony with ramp, plenty of blankets and pillows, scratching posts and a comfortable bed with a heated pad for the winter.

If you have more than one furry friend and would like for them to sleep in a pen with one another, this can be easily accomodated, as each pen is sized to fit at least two cats, and our larger pens can fit up to five cats at the same time, with room to spare!

Our residents are fed regularly and given any medications that they are used to taking at home. We leave the radio on during the day to keep them relaxed and entertained, and each cat can see its neighbours through the clear plastic sheets separating every pen.

We do our utmost to spend time with our guests and visit them regularly to make sure they're content and healthy and get their daily dose of cuddles and play.

Our pricing is very reasonable, and proceeds as follows:

- £8.00 per night for one cat

- £14.00 per night for two cats in one pen

And one pound off per cat per night if your own food is provided.

The Farm

Merryfields is a small farm surrounded by lush wildlife and acres of fields. We own a livery yard where we look after horses all year round and act as a home to a flock of Indian runner ducks, various chickens, dogs, rabbits, cats and other animals.

The farm is in an idyllic location in central Chorley, meaning a quiet and tranquil stay for anyone who wishes to visit. Traffic is minimal through the village and the majority of people passing through do so on horseback or on foot.

It's been home to the Boylan family for twenty years and we love it dearly. Hopefully when you come to visit you'll get a chance to look around and see for yourself what a lovely place the farm is, and gain an appreciation for a little bit of the British countryside.